KP Sugar Mama Ultra Rich Moisturizing Scrub


KP Sugar Mama Ultra Rich Moisturizing Scrub

Sugar Mama, our new Ultra-Rich Moisturizing Scrub, will smooth out those rough patches, get rid of dead weight, and leave you feeling refreshed and fabulous.
The whipped texture makes it easy to apply, keeping a balance between the moisturizing oils of the butter blend and the exfoliating vigour of the sugar and dead sea salt.
Feeling stuck in your own skin? Close the bathroom door, light a candle, and hit play on your favourite playlist. After a quick splash from the shower, massage Sugar Mama in gentle, full-body treatment until the sugar dissolves. Take a deep breath for aromatherapy benefits while you're at it. Take your pick of Citrus, Vanilla and Coconut/Lime.
Sugar Mama can multi-task so you can leave it on to shave; otherwise, it's time to rinse, pat dry, and step into what's next for you.